16 Free high-res Photoshop overlays

Create stunning light effects with these high-res overlays.

1. Download the zip file containing your overlays and unpack the contents of the file.
2. Open a preffered image and drag the jpg overlay on top of it.
3. Use the blend mode “screen” on the overlay and the effect will show.
4. Click the colorize option on hue and saturation and change the colors for a better result.

Create stunning visual effects with these jpg overlays. Lighten up your images and add sunshine to a dull photo.
You can combine the overlays and change the colors if you click the  colorize option on hue and saturation.
All overlays are created by me.

Show me you best work using my overlays, post a link in the comments.

Here you can see a couple of images where i have used the overlays:


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