LA-EA4 35mm Full-Frame A-Mount Adapter For Sony

Sony LA-EA4 35mm Full-Frame A-Mount Adapter

Here is a small introduction to the LA-EA4 A-Mount adapter for the Sony E-Mount camera. Have you been shooting pictures with a Sony DSLR camera for some years and want to change your gear to the new A7 system cameras from Sony? Then you are probably stuck with a smaller collection of A-Mount lenses, that wont fit the E-Mount on the new A7 cameras. Sony have released an A-Mount adapter called LA-EA4, that lets you use your A-mount lenses with a […]

Sony a7R – Review

I know this is not a new camera and there already is a 2nd version of the a7R, but i still think my thoughts about this could be interesting for someone who had fall in love with these new mirrorless system cameras from Sony. This review is not about the functions of the camera, but more about my experiences with it. The camera is full-frame and has a lot of the same features as the newest Sony Nex cameras. It has a resolution […]