100 High-Res Photoshop Cloud Brushes

My new Photoshop cloud brushes collection is now available for download at Graphic River, for only 8$. You can find it here: Link

The package contains 100 cloud brushes in high resolution and is compatible with Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2.

All the clouds has been shot with my Sony A900 DLSR and converted into this high resolution cloud brush package. I have used some advanced Photoshop skills in this production and often use the brushes in my own photography.

Sky brushes is a perfect way to add some extra to your landscape photos. (See example below)


Landscape photographers and Photoshop artist often use brushes to create stunning results. Brushes with clouds can be used to add something dramatic to a photo or an effect like steam or mist, that gives the extra finish to your image. If you want to add a mist effect just use a large variation of the brush and play around with the opacity.

The high resolution brush package comes in a .zip folder and contains 100 various cloud shapes in both soft and more dramatic variations.

The brush file is named .abr and is very easy to install. You simply just drag your .abr file into your Photoshop window or you can chose the brush in the main panel and select "load brushes".
When you have selected the brush you want to use, all you have to do is start clicking. You can use a single click for a single placement of the brush stroke, or you can hold the mouse button down and drag your cursor around the creative area to add some amazing effects. You can easily resize your brush if you think it's to large or small.

You can download the 100 high-res sky brushes at Graphic River for only 8$.

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