LA-EA4 35mm Full-Frame A-Mount Adapter For Sony

Sony LA-EA4 Adapter

Here is a small introduction to the LA-EA4 A-Mount adapter for the Sony E-Mount camera.

Have you been shooting pictures with a Sony DSLR camera for some years and want to change your gear to the new A7 system cameras from Sony? Then you are probably stuck with a smaller collection of A-Mount lenses, that wont fit the E-Mount on the new A7 cameras. Sony have released an A-Mount adapter called LA-EA4, that lets you use your A-mount lenses with a full-frame E-mount camera. It works with A-Mount lenses for full-frame and you wont notice any difference, beside your E-Mount camera will gain a little weight and size.

The LA-EA4 adapter uses a translucent mirror technology (also called pellicle mirror), which is a very thin and transparent piece of plastic that directs the light to both the imaging and focus sensors simultaneously. It also features a built-in AF sensor, that reflect the light from the mirror to the precision TTL phase detection AF sensor for instant focus lock-on, even with moving subjects.


My thoughts on the Sony LA-EA4

I have the LA-EA4 for my A7r camera and i'm very satisfied with it. I wish Sony would make their system cameras with A-Mount, but for now i think this is a very good solution, i really get sharp pictures and i haven't had any problems with the auto focus.

If i should mention a downside with this adapter, it would be the price and the fact that the translucent mirror is very fragile. I can't say this enough "don't touch the mirror in this adapter", not even for cleaning. You will most likely break the auto focus and risk unsharp pictures. So be careful when you change your lenses, you don't want any dust or wind to enter this adapter.

You can read more about it on Sony's website: Link

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