Autumn Oak - Lightroom Preset

I’m offering this lightroom preset for free. This preset gives your picture a matte effect and boost the warm colors.

This free lightroom preset creates a beautiful matte effect and is perfect for autumn colors. I created it using a RAW photo  file for Sony DSLR and i used the version Adobe Lightroom CC 2015, but it will also work on earlier versions of Adobe Lightroom.


Are you wondering why so many people take stunning photos when yours are just plain and unprofessional? That's because everyone else are using Adobe Lightroom in their workflow. Adobe Lightroom is one of the best post-processing software made for photographers and it can completely change the look of your photos into something magical!

You can use presets with the software and make your photos look stunning and creative with just one click. Using the Presets in Lightroom is very easy. First select the image you want to change and switch to Develop mode. Click on the preset you want to use and you will see the magic.

All my presets are made for use with RAW files and has been used on most of my microstock photos. Simply browse through my professional Lightroom presets to find that special look you desire.

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