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I know this is not a new camera and there already is a 2nd version of the a7R, but i still think my thoughts about this could be interesting for someone who had fall in love with these new mirrorless system cameras from Sony. This review is not about the functions of the camera, but more about my experiences with it.

The camera is full-frame and has a lot of the same features as the newest Sony Nex cameras. It has a resolution at 36.4 MP and a full-hd video format at 60 fps.

I had been shooting pictures with the Sony A900 for some years and always thought my pictures looked a little smudged and not that sharp. A couple of month ago i decided to buy the Sony a7R that has left out the optical low-pass filter to make pictures much sharper.  I was a little skeptical to begin with, but i read a lot of reviews that convinced me to buy it.

I must say, there is ups and downs with this camera and the quality of the camera comes down to, what kind of pictures are you going to shoot?.

This camera does a very good job shooting landscapes, portraits and products. Very very sharp pictures, and i could really tell a difference from my Sony A900 and thought i was never going to use my old camera again...but i was and i will get back to that. First i should mention that i use prime lenses to shoot landscapes, portraits and products and it works very well with the Sony a7R.

Another useful thing about this camera is the panorama function, you can't shoot in raw, but the jpg result is quit nice.

Now for the downside. I attached my 70-400mm zoom lens to the camera and it was a major setback, it was like to have a complete different camera in my hands and all my pictures where smudged and blurry at 400mm. I would definitely not recommend this camera for shooting birds and sports with zoom, the result is really bad. If you are using a prime lens and shooting objects in motion, it still makes remarkable results.

The camera uses E-mount, so if you are use to Sony's dslr cameras, you have to buy an adapter to use your A-mount lenses. I have the adapter and it works very well.

Here is a couple of sample pictures:

This picture is shot with the a7R and a 70-400mm zoom lens

This picture is shot with the a7R and  the Sony Vario-Sonnar T* 16-35mm f/2.8 ZA SSM

There is a new version of this camera on the market, the a7R II and i am very curious if this camera works better with the zoom lenses. If you have some experiences with it, i would be happy if you could make a comment....or if you have any other questions about the a7R.

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  1. There is no doubt Sony has come a long way. I was part of Sony Alpha Team’s Marketing arm in 2007. This was not shortly after Sony acquired all of Minolta’s SLR product line up.

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