The Photographer

My name is Kasper Nymann and i'm a photographer
from Denmark using Sony equipment.

The art photography

gives you the ability to freeze

a moment of time

My name is Kasper Nymann and I am a microstock photographer from Denmark. I have a graphic design degree and have been working within the design industry for over 10 years. Photography has always been an interest of mine and in 2010, I decided to start working as a part-time microstock photographer. I have had some photography lessons through my graphic designer education, but I consider myself as a self-taught photographer which I also think gives me my own style.

The Equipment

I have always used Sony equipment and i guess all the big brands are very similar, so it's more or less a choice i made long time ago and today i'm pretty satisfied with it.

When I started as a photographer, I bought the Sony A900 camera, which was Sony's flagship model at that time. I made sure to have lenses that would cover a variety of many different situations, including zooms, macro lenses, wide-angle lenses and portrait lenses.

I had been shooting pictures with the Sony A900 for some years and always thought my pictures looked a little smudged and not that sharp. I decided to buy the Sony A99 II which can capture high quality 42.4-megapixel RAW images at a very impressive burst rate. It also has an excellent hybrid phase-detect AF system to back up the fast capture speeds and it's by far the best camera i have used.

I also have an a7R camera that is excellent for landscape photography. The camera is pretty slow, so I always use a monopod when shooting and if I have to shoot some moving objects or use zoom, i use my A99 II or i tend to go back to use my old A900.

What kind of pictures do i shoot?

My favorite subject is landscape photography. I love nature and to be out in the field, searching for beautiful scenery to photograph. I especially enjoy being out very early in the morning, when the sun is about to rise. Everything is just so quiet at that time and you also get the best pictures, when the sun is low in the sky.

In future assignments, I would love to have some models in my landscape photos. It would add something extra to my pictures, so that's definitely something I'll be working on.

All my pictures are available for purchase at

Equipment list

A small overview over my setup


Sony A99 MK II
Sony a7R
Sony A900
Kodak No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie
Casio Exilim Red
Nikon CoolPix 1.25 Red
Nikon CoolPix S700
Nikon CoolPix S3000 Purple
Olympus 410 Digital
Yashica Electro 35
Pentax K1000


Sony 4-5.6/70-400 mm G SSM II
Sony 2.8/16-35 mm
Sony 1.4/50 mm
Minolta 2.8/100 mm Macro
Minolta 4.0/70-210 mm
Minolta 3.5-4.5/35-105 mm
Minolta 4.0/35-70 mm


Sony Blitz HVL-F42AM
Dicapac WP-S10 Waterproof DSLR Case
Eyelead Sensor Cleaning Kit
Lee Filters Big Stopper
Kenlock 49mm UV Filter
Dörr Digi Line UV Protect 55mm
Dörr Digi Line Cir-PL  55mm
Hoya Fusion Antistatic Cir-PL 77mm
Nova Sport 17L AW Bag
Manfrotto 390 Tripod
KingJoy MP208F Monopod

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  1. Thank you for sharing bits of information about yourself. You seem to be really nice and good person. :)

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